Carolina Maids 65 point checklist

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"65 Point Checklist"

This is the "nutshell" version of our general cleaning checklist.

Kitchen: All outer surfaces are washed and wiped down, the sink is scoured. Inside cabinets, drawers, frig, oven or dishwasher are not cleaned.

Floors: All floor areas are cleaned. On linoleum or tile, the maid will use a mild detergent. Hardwood floors are lightly damp mopped with a solution of vinegar and water. Carpets and area rugs are vacuumed.

Bathrooms: The entire bathroom is cleaned. The only areas in the bathroom not cleaned are inside cabinets, drawers and the ceiling.

Dusting: The maid will start high for cobwebs, move down through ceiling fans, light fixtures, blinds, window ledges and sills, baseboards, pictures, lamp shades and furniture.

Optional Areas: Change linens. Load the dishwasher. Cleaning inside windows. Wet wash woodwork.

Items Not Done On General Cleaning: Hand wash dishes. Inside closets. Wash laundry. Ironing. Inside fireplaces. Wash walls or ceilings. Wax (or remove) floors.